Bilbao Plaza Marítima Shipping


In June 2005, the consultancy company specialized in marine and port services, Bilbao Plaza Marítima, S.L., established a cooperation agreement with CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR, S.L., splitting the company in BILBAO PLAZA MARITIMA SHIPPING and Bilbao Plaza Marítima Puertos, and incorporating the former to CINTRANAVAL GROUP.

BILBAO PLAZA MARITIMA SHIPPING focuses its services on the following fields:

  • Technical, commercial and legal advising
  • Auditing Servicies
  • Inspections for shipowners during the construction of the vessel
  • Monitoring and settlement of guaranties, not only for the owner but also for the shipyard
  • Feasability and operation studies
  • Preparation of Regulatory Manuals in Spanish, English and French (SOPEP, SOLAS, Fire Protection, cargo securing manual, etc… or any type of manual that may be required by the Spanish Administration, IMO or US Coast Guard)

On the other hand, BILBAO PLAZA MARITIMA SHIPPING has a broad experience as marine consultants, having done many studies and technical advisory services all over the world. It is worth underlining its contribution to Short Sea Shipping (SSS), working for some European Organizations and Port Authorities. In addition, many feasability studies of shipyards and fishing ports from South America to South East Asia have been carried out to date.

Cintranaval Group

CINTRANAVAL Group is currently made up of four different companies linked by very close collaboration agreements. Their services are focused on:

  1. Ship design and marine CAD/CAM software: CINTRANAVAL-DEFCAR,S.L.
  2. Hydrodynamics and ship propulsion: SISTEMAR,S.A.
  3. Shipping consulting: BILBAO PLAZA MARITIMA SHIPPING,S.L.
  4. International project coordination: SIATEG,S.L.
 All of them look for synergies to give a more complete and efficient service to the client, working under the same common culture:
  • Customised service.
  • High flexibility and swift response.
  • Close collaboration with the best specialists.
  • Complete independence from governmental and financial institutions, shipyards and shipowners.
CINTRANAVAL Group is staffed by professionals of prestige who have been working in the shipbuilding industry for a long time. Without any kind of doubt, it supposes a new stage of collaboration with shipyards and shipowners, giving them a technological and logistic support that will allow them to adapt to the more and more demanding requirements of the market.

Inspections for the Owner

Preventive Mainteinance Programs 

  • To represent and protect the owner’s interests in front of the shipyard and subcontractors, acting as Technical Advisory Service.
  • To propose improvements that may be deemed necessary by the owner, revising and helping the owner regarding price adjustments due to changes in plans and specifications, and also the influence in the delivery time. In addition, analysis about the effect that such changes may have in the feasibility of the technical project will be carried out.
  • Functions and services of inspection and control in the shipyard during the building stage of the ship, in base to the construction design, in order to make sure that the building is proceeding according to the Building Contract, Class Requirements, Specifications and Plans.
  • Attendance to test and trials of equipments, services and the ship when completed.
Advising during the guaranty period of the ship
  • Checking of the periodical reports of engines with special attention to developed power, reached speeds, exhaust gas temperatures, lub oil pressures, consumptions….
  • Management of guaranty claims to the Building Shipyard and Subcontractors, in case of failures of the miscellaneous ship equipments or its operation during the guarantee period.
  • Claiming to the Building Shipyard to make good at its own cost all detected running operation failures, by sending to the ship the necessary technicians and spare parts in the shortest possible time.
  • Advise to the owner for carrying out repairs that may be deemed necessary, not being responsibility of the shipyard guarantee.
  • To provide technical assistance to the owner to prepare the list and specifications of works to carry out in the first biannual dry-docking visit.
Preventive Mainteinance Programs
Cooperation with the owner surveyors and ship crew to:
  • Work out preventive maintenance programs.
  • Assistance during repairs
  • Study and advising about necessary changes and conversions to improve the efficiency and running operation of the ship when she is already in service.


Operational  Manuals

  • SOPEP (Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan) Manual for contingency plan against pollution for oil leakage and spilling
  • SOLAS Training Manual (R.35) and Maintenance Manual (R.36)
  • Garbage treatment Manual ( MARPOL, Annexe V)
  • SOLAS Fire protection Manual (SOLAS amendments of 2000)
  • Manual for Crude Oil Washing (COW)
  • Cargo Securing Manual
  • Ballast Monitoring System Manual
  • Oil Cargo Transfer Manual
  • Manual for procedures and means in tankers
  • Any operational or regulatory Manual required by national administrations, US Coast Guard or IMO


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